Covid Carriers: Effects of Isolation in Cold Porcelain


Covid Carriers: Effects of Isolation in Cold Porcelain


Timothy Allen, Graduate Student of 2020


These three pieces speak to the idea of isolation, panic, and carrying of the coronavirus. The hand represents what has been lost while we are isolated in our homes - physical touch. We are kept six feet apart and told to stay indoors which has caused many people to yearn for physical connections with friends and family. Red fingerprints are located on the index finger that is reaching out, and the palm of the hand. The tissue represents the panic of being healthy during this pandemic. Tissues, toilet paper, and sanitizing wipes are being bought in large quantities due to everyone attempting to stay healthy. People are panicking at the first signs of sneezing or coughing. These ideas amalgamated into the tissue, showing signs of germs in the red splatter, and the pinch of the tissue on the top. The last piece is a physical take on a carrier of the virus. The virus is masked as a gem or jewelry piece atop a wristband. The virus is hiding in plain sight, where the person "wearing" the virus is unaware until other signs start to emerge in their health.


Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Date Submitted

May 4, 2020